About Us


Pocket Sized Hands is a company focusing on creating building bespoke software solutions for clients using the latest VR/AR/MR technologies along with developing our own original IP. Currently we are building innovative AR/VR software solutions for brands and businesses across the UK alongside our international clients. We are always looking to expand our portfolio with exciting new projects. Clients we’ve worked with in the past include:

University of St Andrews Abertay University Stand Out Games Dundee Design Festival Dundee Science Festival


Ever since Palmer Lucky first announced the KickStarter for Oculus, we’ve been fascinated by Virtual Reality. Pocket Sized Hands started out as a small student team in early 2017 developing small VR games and since then we have built up a core team comprising of award winning programmers and celebrated artists who have been previously worked with companies such as Pixar, Disney, Square Enix and Capcom. Whilst working on our own Games content, we have experience working with others IP, helping to develop bespoke and inventive AR/VR software.


We aim to expand the production of our work for hire contracts, building up a bigger portfolio of projects that will excite and get the general public fascinated with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We are constantly working with new hardware and technologies to create the best AR/VR solution for all the projects we are working on. With our own IP we will establish ourselves as providers of rich and engaging VR experiences with the launch of our own IP.


Honeypot Espionage Hypothalamus Hunt Hidden Dangers NATS