Rory Thomson | COO | Designer - Programmer

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Rory, a graduate from Computer Games Technology student at Abertay University in Dundee, works as a programmer for Pocket Sized Hands. He takes on a variety of different tasks that come up in the development on our projects: from inverse kinematics, to audio implementation, to game programming. With a strong interest in both programming and computer games from a relatively young age, pursuing a career in computer games programming was something that he is extremely passionate about. Wanting to follow this path he tool up learning C++ in my spare time. He built on this knowledge by following this passion through to university, and working on projects in his spare time to construct a portfolio of well-made games. As well as this, he has competed in GameJams; the most recent of which won an award for best game. More recently he has built up an interest in Virtual Reality and its uses for creating immersive and new experiences for both casual, and serious applications.