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Pocket Sized Hands have the skills and expertise required to help you create an exciting and immersive application that is tailored to your needs. We follow proven agile software engineering processes, and professional practices that focus on achieving results time after time.

Proven to build high performance applications for multiple industry sectors, we develop across a range of major VR, AR and MR platforms including; HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Apple ARKit, Google ARCore and more. Pocket Sized Hands can create high quality software that addresses all of your applications requirements.

Have an idea or concept that you’d like to see come to life? Get in touch with us on our contact page or drop us an email at info@pocketsizedhands.com. We’re always looking for new projects, providing the knowledge and skills to make your virtual idea a reality.

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Pocket Sized Hands has experience across all VR hardware and we are committed to keeping updated with new VR Technology that can better benefit our clients. We have the tools required to create enthralling experiences designed from the ground up to be immersive and memorable whether it be for casual or serious use cases.

VR Applications

AR Applications


Pocket Sized Hands can help you augment the real world with specialized AR applications. We can create applications for multiple industries and sector such as the medical sector (with help from our in house medical practitioner) to the games industry with our award winning game design team. We work with a multitude of AR platforms including Google ARCore and Tango, Apple ARKit, as well as GPS AR apps. We also can build Snapchat Creations using their new AR platform Snapchat Lenses.


At Pocket Sized Hands we are always excited to talk about future tech that is in development. With Mixed Reality and Wearables, we can create experiences and software that will become an essential part of daily life. If you are a Hardware manufacture, we can help build demos and show reel applications that push your tech to the limit, showing the real-world scenarios in which it can be used.
Mixed Reality

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